• Beyond the Object

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    Beyond the Object is an investigation, a reflection in the form of a movie regarding the world of design. The movie tries to explore and understand which role design plays in everyday life, and also what it holds for us in the future.
    Primary focus lies on the visionary aspect, but also the critical aspect of an over designed society. The producers hope that the movie can open up for discussion, and also work as a inspirational tool, both for design students and the design interested public in general.

    The movie consists of several edited telephone recordings with different practictioners, academics, curators and other design professionals around the globe. The participants speak candidly about negative tendencies in design, the importance of being responsible as a designer, the sustainability aspect in design and the interaction between the human being and design technology.
    The variety of visions from interaction designers, architects, city planners, interior designers and design professors gives the viewer a chance to look at the complexity of design from different angels.


    Participating Voices

    Peter Gall Krogh, Co-Manager of Center for Interactive Spaces, Denmark.
    Thomas Binder, Head of Design Research, Denmark Architect School.
    David Cuartielles, Ph.D Candidate Interaction Design, Malmö University, Sweden.
    Michael Erlhoff, Professor of Design, Cologne International School of Design, Germany.
    Mads Hagstrøm, Director, Flow Institute, Denmark.
    Jonas Löwgren, Professor of Interaction Design, Malmö University, Sweden.
    Ramia Mazé, Studio Director, Interactive Institute, RE:FORM Studio, Sweden.
    Mike Press, Design Against Crime, United Kingdom.
    Tobi Schneidler, Creator, m.a.o works ltd, United Kingdom.
    Gilliam Crampton Smith, Academic Director, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy.
    Nato Thompson, Associate Curator, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, USA.


    TITEL: Beyond the Object
    LENGHT: 25 Minutes
    DIALOGUE: English
    FORMAT: SD Digital video 4:3
    PRODUCTION: Nicholas Wakeham in collaboration with Swedish Design group Aeswad.

    Financial Support by The Helge Ax:son Johnson Foundation