• Down the rabbit hole/Konsten att inte kunna sluta (in development)

    Work in porgress


    In 2005 i contacted the Swedish artist Sture Johannesson. I wanted to follow him with the video camera. He said yes on one condition. He didn't want to talk, he was tired of being misunderstood. My suggestion was to interview other people, people that knew him and his work. Sture liked the idea.

    During 2005 we worked intensely together on a documentary about this work and his persona. During the collaboration is noticed that Sture had a lot of opinions. At the end of 2005, when a 45 min film had been developed and edited i ended our collaboration abruptly due to constant arguments and disagreements. I had no other choice. Sture, who got to see the rough cut had to many demands concerning editing and music etc. I told him nicely but firmly - Sture, this is My film about You, you can direct a film about yourself, but that needs to be a another film. Not this one.

    The film was never completed and the 45 min version was never screened and the ending of the project was now rusty nail in my foot or a wet and heavy blanket over my head.

    2013 i realized that i needed to finish the film in order to get final closure. In what form was uncertain, but i needed to finish it. I wanted to call Sture and talk about what happened back in 2005. But i could not find myself to find the strength to pick up the phone, i tried and tried but i was paralyzed, afraid that we would fall into the same poisoned arguments as we did when we ended the collaboration back in 2005. Again, i was stuck and truly depressed about the failed project that never seemed to come to and end. I realized that after all these years i hade started to hate the project but at the same time i couldn't stop thinking about it - i needed to finish it. Somehow. I needed to find my way out of the maze that was driving me crazy so i contacted the hypnotherapist Billy. Could he unlock the physical and mental blocking that was stopping me from calling Sture? Could he help me crawl trough the narrow, dark and warm tunnel and finally finish the film?